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About Guilmann

Founded in December 2009, Guilmann is an installation company partner of various world-renowned brands. It fully supports several fields of activity, as much in renovation, installation as in construction and is accompanied by a Service-Maintenance department:

  • Electricity in High Voltage and Low Voltage;
  • Solar photovoltaic and thermal;
  • Lifts, car lifts and hoists;
  • Automatic gates and barriers;
  • Air conditioning and cold;
  • Sanitary plumbing;
  • Building and Finishing Works;

With twenty engineers and senior technicians to her credit, she draws up her own technical studies thanks to her office of multidisciplinary study in fluids and finishing works.

More than 300 professionals, personally committed, have led the company to develop very quickly and it is in compliance with a charter of good conduct that articulate the design, sizing, costing, execution, supervision and monitoring of your projects regardless of its importance.

To ensure a distinguished level of comfort for its customers, Guilmann has a department after-sale service – Maintenance with a team of on-call, proactive and real, who can intervene 24/7, with significant logistical means and equipment adapted to quickly provide solutions to all types of failure.


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